CHRIS-VINCENT’s Wife is Selling Her Wedding Dress And It Makes A Lot of Sense–Why Leave It to Collect Dust When You Can Sell It?

Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri and her beautiful wife, Elsie Anthony-Williams tied the knot last month in a 3-day beautiful marathon in Tema, Ghana–and today, the writer has stated on Facebook that they’ve decided to sell her wife’s wedding dress.

Chris-Vincent is somewhat a minimalist and in a recent article, he stated that;

“A few years ago, I used to be a complete IDIOT, just like many people who harbour an unquenchable desire to buy and own more things—with the market continuously ensuring that they are never satisfied with what they already have.

It’s everywhere around us in a form of advertisement: you may have the latest iPhone but within 6 months, another will be on the market, making yours old. As human beings, we have a sickening desire for goods and services—and this insatiable desire is what’s being exploited by the markets around us, which has given birth to consumerism.”

In the same article, he said:

“The truth is, no one derives any real or lasting satisfaction from consumerism. When it comes to satisfaction and material things, we are like children who will be content with a toy for only a few days—and then, they get bored with it, in want for the next.

I’ve always considered the idea of minimalism and its accompanying satisfaction as something to do with philosophy, but the documentary I watched which featured prominent neuroscientists like Sam Harris indicated that it’s not just a matter of philosophy; it also borders on science and economics.

Since there’s no direct relationship between happiness or satisfaction and material things, the less of material things will be argued as not having any effect on a person’s happiness or satisfaction. What you need to understand is that, less material things or less desire to acquire material things liberates you from the unending hustle to acquire more, thereby according you with more time, peace of mind and sometimes a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, you will become happier.”

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He ended the interesting article by saying:

“Through the concept of minimalism, I worry less about material things today—and I have a lot of freedom to do the things that really matter to me.

Of course, I am still an idiot on so many levels and my girlfriend [now his wife] can write an essay on that, but I’ve become less of an idiot to the market–and through my redefinition of what really matters to me in life and I’ve become happier and content.”

On his Facebook, Chris-Vincent explains the reason for the sale as: “I have been able to convince my wife to see the sense in not keep her wedding dress to collect dust–but to sell it.”

He continued: “I will top up the sale amount for you and then we can go to PARIS with it,” I said.

“She has agreed, and so we are selling her wedding dress. A dress you wear for a few hours cost a lot.
Anyone interested should hit me up. Just make a reasonable offer… She’s 10”

While this may seem new to a lot of Ghanaians, selling of wedding dresses after used has a big market in Europe and America–and there’s a lot of sense in doing this, especially when most brides would never have a use for their expensive dresses.

Last year, UK celebrity-Katie Price sold her wedding dress on eBay and there’s a full blown website out there dedicated to selling worn wedding dresses, called SellMyWeddingDress.

Chris said he will top up the sale amount for his wife, and they can use that to pay for a trip to Paris–a good motivation for a woman to part with a dress that’s of no use.

If you are interested in buying the dress; hit Chris-Vincent up via [email protected] or CLICK HERE.

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