Judging DKB On One Bad Night Is Not A ‘Fair Assessment’ – KSM

Kwaku Sintim-Misa

Veteran comedian/satirist Kwaku Sintim-Misa, KSM, has come to the defence of the man he anointed as GH’s ‘king of comedy’.

DKB is currently under ‘artillery fire’ from Ghanaians after his ‘boring’ and ‘unfunny’ show on Easter Saturday – the show which former first lady Nana Konadu walked out on in disgust.

KSM, in an interview with MzGee, said DKB’s incredible career cannot be judged based on just one bad performance.

“The question is, is DKB funny or not? And the answer is, it’s very subjective,” he said.

“He has an amazing sense of humour. DKB is a very funny person. He is very hilarious. When he did his show called Point of View, he practically filled up the National Theatre. His last show I saw at Silverbird, he got a standing ovation. So, he has one bad night and all of a sudden, it’s like he is the worst that ever happened to Ghana comedy, I don’t think it is a fair assessment.” he added.

He added that DKB is the only Ghanaian comedian who has been able to stand toe to toe with Nigerians and end their dominance over us.

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“He broke that chain when he went toe to toe with the Nigerian and floored them. He went toe to toe with Basket Mouth and floored him without a doubt. I am begging that let’s not use that one night to judge his string of performances.

“I will say frankly that his way of communicating is what people do not enjoy. Sometimes he can come up as abrasive and Ghanaians react negatively to that. So these are some of the things that have added to his negatives…They are worried he allows his personality to get in the way,”

On Mrs Konadu’s complaints about DKB being vulgar, KSM once again said it’s simply a matter of knowing your audience, some don’t like vulgarity whilst others don’t mind it. But one can be a great comedian with or without utilising vulgarity.

“You have to know your audience. There are people in the audience that do not like vulgar language and when you use vulgar language, they will walk out. Bill Cosby was one of my icons because his language was also clean yet he was so funny as opposed to Eddy Murphy who is also extremely funny but his language is adult.

“The point is, the audience that you are playing to, do they accept that kind of comedy and if the First Lady does not want to hear vulgar words in comedy she has every right not to like it,”


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