NDC Government Operated The Tema Harbour Like A Chop Bar Business – Nana B

Nana Boakye

The man deemed not qualified to appear on Joy Fm’s political flagship programme “News File” might have given us a gist as to why the Programme filters his kind from appearing on the show and for the lack of better expression or sheer disrespect from the production team, they tagged him as “not qualified” to appear on the show.

Nana Boakye now NSS Deputy Director appeared on Gh One’s States Of Affairs programme and talking about Ibrahim Mahama’s dud cheques to Ghana Ports Habour Authority instigated that NDC operated the Tema Harbour like a chop bar business.

According to Nana Boakye, during the Mahama-NDC governance, Ibrahim Mahama walks in and out of the Harbour like it’s for him, therefore comfortably issuing 44 dud cheques.

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Though it’s interesting watching/listening to the likes of Nana B and Kenedy Agyapong in heated political discourse, their utterances easily derail a show that’s suppose to be a classic intellectual discourse to a roadside politics show which is common at newspaper stands at bus terminals. (Arguments over argument on the top voices of people with adulterated facts)

Nana B vehemently pushing the political twist to Ibrahim’s case which is of a National Importance than partisan politics managed to end the show with a shifted attention to NDC vs NPP discourse of which Lawyer Amaliba speaking for NDC was heard telling the Host that “end your show before it turns into something else”.

This trait of Nana B could be the reason why NewsFile would prefer having Kwaku Baako whom Nana B might be more educated than. Kwaku Baako, won’t overly shout during his submission and make wild claims but he will serve you with some common mind bugling facts to support his claim.

Nevertheless, Nana B’s tongue bashing is accordingly fit to Ibrahim’s attitude but that shouldn’t be the case in all situations.


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