If You Talk About My Relationship With Paedae, You’re Not A Serious Person – Sandra Ankobiah

Sandra Ankobiah and Paedae

Before we begin, let’s just get it out of the way that we’re the most unserious people God ever put on this blue earth.

So Sandra, we’re admitting the charge before court even sits in session.

Sandra Ankobiah and Paedae have been the elusive Ghanaian couple of the past few years, always denying each other when under the curtain publicly but privately all up in each other’s business.

Thus, questions are always swirling about their ‘real’ relationship status.

Apparently tired of such questions, Ankobiah, during a recent appearance on Hitz Fm, simply decided to throw shade at those  wondering about her relationship status.

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“I would like to tell those interested in this matter that, don’t focus on that because it is not important. There are so many more important things that we should be focusing our energies on than talking about who is dating who. Lets talk about how we can make a difference.” she said, adding;

“I consider people who talk about my relationship with Paedae as not serious. If you are looking at such a story and want to be focusing on such an irrelevant topic then I don’t see you as a serious person. I won’t even bother to comment on”


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