UK Visa Fraud Saga – Former MP Explains How His Daughter Tricked Him To Stay In The UK With Her Boyfriend



The four MP’s implicated in the UK visa fraud issue are coming out to defend themselves over what exactly happened.

George Boakye, the former MP of Asunafo North and the only one cited currently not in office, claims that his name was mentioned because his daughter tricked him to travel to the UK and then stayed there illegally without his consent.

Speaking on Citi Fm to clarify, Boakye said his daughter begged him to take her on a trip to London because she wanted to see an uncle. However, when they got they got there, she left to see this ‘uncle’ and then never returned. He later discovered she had gone to be with her boyfriend.

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According to him, he did not report his daughter to authorities because he was scared she would be arrested.

Here’s what he told Citi Fm:

“I was going to [London]  to visit a friend and she said she wanted she wanted to go with me, to have a look at London. She was 37 at the time we got the visa, but now she is 41.

“She managed to trick me into believing that she wanted to go and visit her uncle. Not knowing, she had a prior arrangement with her boyfriend with the promise that the boyfriend would be able to regularise her stay for her. At the time that I was coming and she hadn’t come, I left a message and a return ticket with the hope that it should be given to my daughter anytime she returns, and I left. To be very honest, I lost contact with her because she knew me to be a very strict person and for that matter if I got the information that she was there with a man, she wouldn’t find it lightly.

“The mistake I made was that, I should have collected the contact number and house address [of the uncle] and I forgot to do that, that is why she was able to get her way out. I knew she would come because I left the return ticket with my host. So about a week later when I realized wasn’t coming, I became apprehensive and told my host to look around and find out if she [the host] would be able to trace her. We tried our best but we couldn’t trace her.

“After the elections, I intensified my search and I was able to get to one of her friends and I managed to get her address from her friend.  I called her and she responded, so on the phone I even cursed her, and told her that if she did not come to Ghana, it will not auger well for her because it will dent my image in the country so she should come,”


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