CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Over 45 Minutes Conversation With Mzbel—We Spoke About Rev Josh Laryea, Afia Schwarzenegger, Instagram Fake Accounts, Kofi Amoabeng of UT Bank, Diamond Appiah And I Even Spoke to Her Son (AUDIO)


Ghanaian musician-Mzbel, real name Nana Ekua Amoah called last night and while some people may be shocked, the truth is, we used to be friends—just as I’ve been friends with almost every Ghanaian Celebrity at one point in my blogging life.

It has always been the same scenario: most of these Ghanaian Celebrities somewhat think the fact that they are friends with me should guarantee them only favourable publications and therefore when GhanaCelebrities.Com, where I am the Founding Editor publishes something about them, even if undeniably true, they get utterly upset and pull the friendship plug.

That’s exactly what happened to my friendship with Mzbel—you can “think John Dumelo” too.

When Mzbel called last night, it was to correct what she called a misrepresentation of her involvement in the Rev. Josh Laryea of ICGC alleged sexual immorality scandal. She came to me out of a necessary need but that subsided, and soon we were catching up on where we left off as friends.

My 10 years of online journalism has told taught me to stay true to the truth and what I honestly believe at any time as the truth, even if it upsets people and ends friendships. Eventually, they come around to appreciate that being friends with a journalist with such admirable principle is healthy—though you wouldn’t have your interest blindly protected all the time.

My over 45 minutes conversation with Mzbel was captivating. We had agreed to record an interview, to avoid what she called a “creative play with a serious matter” by GhanaCelebrities.Com and its brutally honest writers.

Mzbel was of the option that most Ghanaians do not read beyond headlines and therefore an audio interview with a straightforward headline to clear what many wrongly think her recent social media post alluded to in relation Rev Josh Laryea was the best option.

It was an interesting conversation but unfortunately, it pulled into over 45 minutes—during which the friend in her resurrected and she spoke about several other things to me in confidence which wouldn’t be appropriate, perhaps breach the essential rule of journalistic confidentiality if wholly published. The last 15 to 20 minutes of our conversation, therefore, wouldn’t be published.

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Talking about protecting things said in confidence, I had an issue with Mzbel’s substantive claim, the bedrock of what has become reading “meanings into a vaguely written message,” interpreted for the world by Afia Schwarzenegger, a one-time good friend of Mzbel.

Mzbel reiterated to me that, her social media post: “At long last your cup is full…you molested someone i know and made her not to believe in christianity …God truly answers….you see your life??” which came with a photo of Josh Laryea’s alleged extra marital sexual affair story was not in any way to confirm an earlier post by her one time-good friend, Afia Schwarzenegger who had earlier posted that Josh Laryea “molested” Mzbel.

This is how things happened…

An official letter dated March 29, 2017, issued by The Church Council which GhanaCelebrities.Com has seen a copy stated among other things that,  “The Presbytery has authorised the Disciplinary Committee to look into the allegations levelled against Rev. Laryea”.

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It also added that “Rev. Josh Laryea is being withdrawn from the pulpit and thereby the Doxa Temple with immediate effect. This is to allow the Committee carry out its work uninterrupted.”

The statement said a new pastor was to be assigned to the Doxa Temple and it urged Rev Laryea to fully co-operate with the leadership of the church in the investigation.

What stood as a mystery was what the specific IMMORAL ACT allegation which had led to Rev Laryea’s suspension–and soon after the letter was published, GhanaCelebrities.Com  was told by a source who claimed to be in the known that, it was to do with an alleged extra-marital sexual relationship. That was a grave indictment on Josh Laryea.

Following the above, a one-time good friend of Mzbel, Afia Schwarzenegger wrote on Instagram that, “At long last your cup is full…you molested someone I know and made her not to believe in Christianity …God truly answers….you see your life??”

From her message, our smart social media analyst team deducted that, Afia was referring to Mzbel–as there had been rumours that Mzbel quit ICGC because of Josh Laryea, the pastor who officiated the naming ceremony of his son, Aaron at ICGC.


At long last your cup is full…you molested someone i know and made her not to believe in christianity …God truly answers….you see your life?? #Queenofcomedygh? #onyamekala #Angetainment

A post shared by ?Queen Afia Schwarzenegger ? (@afiaschwarzenegger) on

Soon after Afia’s post, Mzbel herself “sort of confirmed” Afia’s statement, with a Facebook post–commenting on Rev Josh Laryea’s suspension.

It’s what GhanaCelebrities.Com and several commenters considered a sort of confirmation which every reasonable person would have deducted that Mzbel says is not what she meant—claiming, whatever Afia Schwarzenegger says in relation to her is pure nonsense, probably founded on hatred.

She said Josh Laryea did not sleep with her even if the timeline of the postings as showed above pointed to that. And that, the whole mess was caused by Awo Zuta, Gospel musician-Eugene Zuta’s wife.

According to Mzbel, Awo told her in confidence how responsive her body becomes when Josh Laryea kisses and touch her, giving her a vivid impression that she was having an affair behind her husband with the married pastor.

Also, Mzbel stated that she visited Josh Laryea at odd working hours to meet this same Awo with him when she was supposed to be at work. And these strange events sort of gave credence to a the sexual relationship Awo told her existed between Josh and herself.

Soon, Mzbel told Awo’s husband-Eugene what was entrusted to her in confidence by Awo, whom she was friends with–she was also friends with Awo’s husband at the time.

When I asked if it was really necessary that she told Awo’s husband about the alleged affair considering the fact that she obtained that information in confidence, she said it was considered at the time as right because she was good friends with Eugene and couldn’t allow it to go on as she felt bad about it anytime she saw him.

Then I said, so you are a SNITCH in this regard—which she accepted, saying, in regard to this, I am.


Interpreting her own social media posting (above), she said; when she informed Eugene of what she was in the known, unexpectedly, Eugene and her wife ganged up against her and told Josh Laryea that she (Mzbel) was spreading rumours that Laryea was sleeping with Awo—that was after Eugene had told Mzbel he kind of suspected something was going on between his wife and Laryea.

Mzbel said Josh Laryea came to her house to ask about what he had been told, to which she stated her version of events. That was what made her a subject of subtle attacks at the church, spearheaded by Awo and her husband, under the clear watch of Josh Laryea who did nothing about it.

So eventually, she had to quit the church—and therefore her message was to remind Josh Laryea and the others who knew of what had happened that this same couple who caused her exit from the church has 3 years down the line caused Josh Laryea’s ministry to be taken away from him. She claimed she has been told the spreading of the sexual affair allegation was engineered by Awo and her husband.

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With the Laryea issue off the way and Mzbel accepting that she’s being pressure to correct the impression her social media post has created, we spoke about what led to the breakup of her friendship with the pathetic weed addict and drunkard-Afia Schwarzenegger.

Plainly, she said the reason was stupid and it was over Instagram attacks. Apparently, some people were attacking her on Instagram and some friends and fans created fake accounts to protect her and attack her Instagram attackers. These fake accounts started saying things Afia Schwarzenegger did not like, and therefore Afia concluded, accused and fought her as behind those fake accounts.


With that having been said, I asked; if you don’t like Instagram attacks and hating why do you do it with your friends? And I cited several incidents where my ex-girlfriend’s photos, some intentionally heavily distorted with filters were posted by Mzbel and Afia Schwarzenegger on their official pages with insults, inviting their credulous followers to attack her.

She justified this by saying, GhanaCelebrities.Com was writing things which they did not find good about them and after hating and hitting on me several times with attacks which were fruitless, they soon realised those things do not get to me.

Consequently, they decided to target my then girlfriend, hoping if she is offended, she will deny me her “pussy” and that would mount pressure on me so that GhanaCelebrities.Com wouldn’t be writing those unfavourable things again.

That’s pretty lame and unfortunate, because, that didn’t stop anything—except to vilify an innocent woman, simply because she was my girlfriend, I said. But she replied; she was not innocent, she was your girlfriend and therefore part of you so if we cannot get through to you with attacks, she would become the obvious substitute.

Mzbel and Kofi Amoabeng

Mzbel at some point said GhanaCelebrities.Com caused her relationship with Kofi Amoabeng, CEO of UT Bank to collapse some years ago–after the blog unkindly published a photo of her in the bosom of the successful businessman, adding that he was old enough to be her father.

You know what, it was an interesting conversation and I’ve agreed with Mzbel to not publish the latter part which contained mainly things she does not want the public to know as we discussed those as friends—so just click on PLAY and listen the first 30 minutes below…


Mzbel has just said she now does not want the last night AUDIO interview/conversation published at all–so I have made it private, inaccessible to the public. 

She has offered to record another interview with me but I told her I do not have that time to record and edit another. It’s a waste of my time. You see why I don’t really want celebrity friends? 


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