MUST READ: Life is No Fast Food!


We live in a fast world. Our communication is fast. Our food is equally fast. Everything is literally fast. We live in a generation that wants everything now or never. We only want our needs and our wants have conversely become our needs― a generation that lives in an upside down world.

Life runs on the wheels of principles. No one can defy those principles. When you throw an object up, it must definitely come down. It’s life’s principle. When you sow, it must take time to grow. That is another principle life works with.

No matter how well versed we become in technology, we can’t cheat life’s principles. Regardless of how long an airplane stays in the skies, it must come down. No matter how productive Science makes our seeds, they can’t grow overnight into fruits. You can’t beat life’s principles!

It’s like climbing up an escalator which is moving down. Regardless of how fast you climb, you’ll get nowhere. You would return to your starting point sooner or later. Trying to outsmart life’s principles is like trying to run a race in a rocking chair. You’ll expend all your energy only to realize you are still at the same point!

Life’s principles can’t be outwitted. Even in spite of the abundance of awe-inspiring technology, I’m yet to see babies form in just a matter of days in their mothers’ wombs. When you try to cheat life’s principles, you end up with a half-baked product― premature success.

Premature success, like a building without a strong foundation, can’t stand the test of time. In no time, it would come tumbling down. At the little challenge, it would fall into crumbles. What does not take time to come into being will not take time to stay in being!

Formidable success takes time. A strong marriage/relationship takes a great deal of time to develop. There’s no shortcut! For a couple to trust each other at the top of life’s ladder, they should have trusted each other same when they were down there. A marriage/relationship that has stood the test of time can withstand anything!

Life’s time principle can’t be eschewed no matter what. Even God needed six days to create the world! It takes time to build no matter who you are. Little wonder many young people who want to outsmart this principle end up with big injuries. If you want to be a big star overnight, you’ll end up with a big scar overnight. Stars take time to form.

Greatness is not fast food. It takes time to cook. It takes patience, persistence and hard work. If it were that cheap and fast, everyone would have been great. A solid foundation of an edifice takes time to be built. It takes time for a fetus to form in the womb of its mother. It takes time for a seed to become a fruit. It always takes time. It’s life’s principle.

You can’t live your future today. You can’t reap where you haven’t sown. Life is not magic. Whatever you sow, time will make it into a harvest. In between your sowing period and harvest season is time― time for growth. You can’t skip the time phase! If you indeed want to reap a genuine harvest, you need time. Impatience can only give you a fake, premature harvest!

Many young people want to skip the time phase of life. They want to sow today and harvest in the next few hours. They chase after jobs that promise them a whopping salary in just a few days. They put their heart in investments that promise outrageous returns within the twinkling of an eye.

Listen, life runs on principles. Any system that wants to cheat life’s time system would soon fail. You can’t compete with nature and win. You can’t invest just a dime and reap millions in a matter of days. If it’s too good to be true, obviously it’s too false to be true!

Life is order. Until you sow, you can’t reap. Until you invest, you can’t harvest. You need patience for life to churn your seeds into fruits. Needless to be in a hurry! If you harvest something in a hurry, you’ll lose it in a hurry. Slow down. You can’t skip life’s waiting period.

Always remember that if you’re in haste to reach the top, you’re obviously in haste to flop. If you’re in a hurry to hit life’s jackpot, you’re likely to run into life’s danger spot. Anything that is worthy of life’s attention, takes time to shape into form. Patience is one of life’s bitterest seeds but yields one of life’s sweetest fruits.

It takes time for a multinational company to stand on its feet. It takes time for a great character to be formed. Enviable success takes a great deal of time; a great deal of consistent hard work. Greatness is not for the impatient. Life waits on those who can wait on it. Greatness is a reward for those who can wait on life’s time phase.

Life’s time phase may seem dormant but it’s not. It builds our character while whatever we are waiting on is being built in the background. A mother, for instance, needs nine months to build character inasmuch as her baby is forming.

Life is a queue. As long as you patiently wait in that queue, you will be served when it’s your turn. Impatience may advise you to jump the queue but… you do so at your own peril. Opportunities gotten through the back door are dangerous. If you cut corners to reach the top, your feeble foundation will give you away sooner or later.

Life is no fast food. Great things take great time to cook. Don’t jump the queue. When the success you yearn for seems never to be coming… remember it always takes great time!

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, a writing company based in Accra. His upcoming play is TRIBELESS. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.


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