Shocking! A Husband And Wife Have The Same “Girlfriend” And They Agree To Marry Her [Video]

Understanding Human Rights has just been raised to another level as a married couple are getting a divorce to marry a new partner they found after 12 years of marriage with children.

The new partner (girlfriend) who is younger will have both straight & lesbian s*x with them and as well have equal legal right to the children as her own. The family will then become a polygamous one.

This keeps the man straight who will now have two wives who are both bis*xual and lesbian partners to each other.

According to a video (below), the woman is said to have told the husband that she feels something is missing in her love life and she wants a relationship with other women.

To this, the man agreed and they gave it a shot and now they all share a night of sexual activity with Sierra their new shared-girlfriend as a one big happy family.

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According to the man he loves both women equally.

In other context this is like Kris Jenner agreeing to have Bruce Jenner have a gay partner who is bisexual that they will both share happily.

However, is this the best way to keep a spouse who is not straight to save a marriage or just break the marriage and let them go??

Watch Video Below of this new family the world is talking about and tell us your take.


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