Lesbianism Sets In Josh Laryea, Awo Zuta And MzBel ICGC Drama–Mzbel Says Eugene Zuta’s Wife is A Lesbian

Pastor Josh Laryea has been suspended as a Pastor by the ICGC church over an alleged immoral act and somehow the whole story has been revolving around MzBel and finally to Awo Zuta. To this, the “16 years” singer had a 45mins chat with Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.com Chris-Vincent where she detailed a lot concerning her involvement in the supposed scandal and why/how a certain  Awo Zuta has been a masked trouble causer in the whole brouhaha.

MzBel revealed that Awo Zuta was her friend in the church but upon her secret affair with Josh Laryea that she attempted to break for God’s sake, Awo Zuta rather ganged up with her husband against her to save their image by calling her a liar who just wants to destroy the church.

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This attitude of the Zutas caused MzBel to quit the church and she probably still has a bitterness of the disloyalty Awo and her husband has smeared on her face though she finally feels vindicated that indeed Josh Laryea has been doing “Maama ne Dada” things with the likes of Awo Zuta in Church.

MzBel brutally uncensored took to her Facebook account this morning to call Awo Zuta to order to shun her hypocritical life. According to MzBel, Awo Zuta is a possibly a lesbian who thought she (MzBel) was a lesbian too and even stripped naked for her to take pictures. MzBel says she has those n*de photos.

She wrote:

I can’t believe that you, Mrs Awo Zuta and your disciples started this whole rumor about Pastor Josh Laryea being involved in an immoral act for him to loose his ministry…

3years ago you couldn’t stop talking about how good it feels when he hugs or touches you and how you would prefer him as a husband over Eugene Zuta. When i got fed up and told your husband about it, you both ganged up against me and consequently forced me to quit the church.


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