If I Was President I Would Legalise Weed – A Plus


Musician/Comedian A Plus has made the case for the legalisation of weed in an epic Facebook post.

A Plus, who doesn’t smoke the substance but consumes it in ‘other forms’, says weed doesn’t kill people as much as cigarettes does, yet the latter is legal whilst weed isn’t.

According to him, if he was President, he would either legalise or ban both.

A Plus’ made these points in a larger post about the FDA ban on Adonko bitters, which he heavily criticised.

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He said the ban is a case of victimising a made in Ghana product for something that wasn’t their fault.

Read full post below…

Ok let me make this clear to everybody. I don’t smoke. I mean I don’t smoke anything. Smoke can enter my nose by standing close to a kebab stand or tilapia grill etc, dasorrr!!! However, I’m against people being arrested for smoking wee. If I become president or if I have the power, I’ll either ban cigarette and wee or legalise both. Cigarettes cause so many diseases which lead to death. I’ve never heard of anyone who died from smoking wee. Even if wee smoking kills just as cigarette does, why is one legal and the other illegal?

Now listen!!! I have never tasted Adonko bitters before. I hear the company belongs to one Dr Oteng. I hear he’s the same person who owns Angel herbal. I’ve never spoken to him. I don’t remember even seeing him on TV. Simply put, I DON’T KNOW HIM.

The only reason why I support Adonko is that, I’ll support any company or individual who is being victimised. We have to be there for each other. You can not Conclude that adonko was sold to minors when you have not seen their birth certificates. You can not ban Adonko just because people took it and got drunk. Adonko is not a malaria drug. It’s meant to booze. You can’t leave all those who advertised to minors in Kwahu during Easter and ban Adonko.

Dear FDA,
what you have done is bad. It is called victimisation. If alcohol is not Good, ban every alcoholic beverage in Ghana. And please, don’t allow the white man to flock our market with foreign alcoholic beverage and ban made in Ghana products.

You are one of the most effective institutions in Ghana. But this time you failed big time. Rectify this as quick as possible



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