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‘Relationship With Purpose’ – All You Need To Know About New Online Portal For Hook-Ups To Be Managed By Chris-Vincent


GhanaCelebrities.Com editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri recently got married to his lovely sweetheart, Elsie Agyapong Febiri (née Anthony-Williams), and that seems to have changed something because he’s now looking to spread that kind of happiness to other interested folks.

After hooking a couple of friends up and asking those interested to hit him up, Chris-Vincent received over 300 requests to join, which has led to a decision to formalise the process to work in a more streamlined manner.

Chris has thus announced that he’s setting up a private Facebook page, whatsapp chat and website for all those interested to communicate, stay in touch and hook up at the appropriate time.

The venture would be governed by numerous rules to ensure only the most serious people make it through.

Read the post below…


This is something I decided to take on: I mean, to connect genuine people looking for serious relationship.

Within a few hours of starting this on Facebook, I managed to hook 18 intelligent and serious people up—all looking for a life time partner.

Over the last few hours, I have received over 300 people expressing interest from Ghana, United States, UK, Finland, Sweden and Germany. These people share a common aim and interest; they want someone reliable, no scammers and no time wasters, to get to know on a serious note and start a relationship

Among the many hook-ups I’ve done so far is hooking up my beautiful friend in USA to a Law student in Finland, and I wish them well.

Also, I hooked up two people yesterday in Accra and they met a few hours later—I spoke to both of them while they are on their first date and they even sent us a selfie which we shared on Facebook.

The number of people hitting me up and wanting to hook up is speedily increasing and I think we have to look at a bigger picture, an efficient way and platform to connect those interested—while keeping the community mature, clean and professional.

I can’t do that alone and not via Facebook chatting…

So I’ve already set up a PRIVATE Facebook Group—for those genuinely interested in a “relationship with a purpose” to join, where the hook-ups will happen.

To weed out scammers and fuckboys, I’ve decided that we need to put some membership charge in place as part of the verification process—and that’s just 100 GHS, which is 24 dollars.

If you are serious for a relationship, I believe showing this by paying a token membership fee shouldn’t be a problem. And if you cannot afford 24 dollars, then you surely cannot afford to pay for a drink when you meet a man or woman.

The membership fee will be used to manage the Facebook page and a website to be launch, and also to pay for verification time and the time of Admins/Moderators…

Also, I think it will be great to hold a regular drink-up events/socializing events in Accra, Kumasi, London, NY and other places for the group members to meet and socialize—since everyone who will attend will be single, the chances are, eyes will make contact and hook-ups will happen.

For now, first pay your membership fee of 100 GHS via MTN Mobile Money to: 0543699415 (Name on account Godwin Nii-Armah).

If you are not in Ghana, you can use WorldRemit.Com to send the mobile money to the above account.

Once you have sent the membership, send me a confirmation or evidence of it and then request to join the “Relationship With Purpose” via CLICKING here:

We also have a WhatsApp group opened now so once you have made payment, request to join: +447837576037

Note that, we will have to verify you or approve you to become a member of the Facebook and Whatsapp Group after you made the membership payment and have placed your request to join. It may take a few minutes to get you verified but that’s the only way to make sure this thing works out.

I will also share interesting relationship articles and tips on there and anyone can submit such articles to me or anyone of the would be chosen admins to be posted on there; so we all build our love life in a purposeful manner.

We will have strict membership rules, especially on trust and confidentiality and we will not hesitate to ban people.

Our full hook-up/networking community website RelationshipWithPurpose.Com is coming soon…

Contact: [email protected]


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