Yasmin Behzadi Tells Bola Ray How She Was Duped $600k In Ghana

Sarkodie With Behzadi

Yasmin Behzadi, Iranian-born Millionaire and an Entrepreneur living in Dubai is also known as a Philanthropist who had a nightmare in Ghana when she was duped to the tune of $600,000 in her pursuit to buy gold in Gold Coast (Ghana).

Yasmine, popularly called Yas in Ghana, is the woman behind the Sark collection when she invested over $150,000 into the rappers Fashion Label. She detailed to Bola Ray in the latest Episode of “Reveal With Bola Ray” as to what brought her to Ghana before meeting the likes of Sarkodie and it’s actually chilling story as Bola Ray described it.

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According to Yasmine who was talking to Bola Ray from her plush home in Dubai, where she’s been living since 2004, she mainly came to Ghana in 2012 to buy gold only to end up with fraudsters who made away with her $600, 000.

Yas revealed it really got dirty when she resulted to a Legal process to retrieve her money. She told Bola it got dirty to the extent where her Lawyer was killed through poisoning and her life has been threatened several times to simply forget chasing her money.

To the worry of Yas, she even lost more money in trying to chase the fruitless one as she had to pay for her 2months accommodation at Labadi Beach Hotel, frequently flying in and out of Ghana, Lawyers and even tipping anyone necessary who she thought could help her get her $600k.

Yasmin’s brother Ahmed, who was in Ghana throughout with the sister, was spotted having a $150 Sark sneakers and in a conversation with Bola Ray about his Ghanian experience he said “Ghanaians, if you don’t do Business with them, they are the nicest people”

Truly this family has an undying love for Accra which they call their second home as after all this fraud brouhaha, Yasmin still invested about $60,000 in the music career of King Promise. A well-known upcoming and talented Ghanaian act who lives in the U.K.

According to Yasmine, the money was used to shoot two videos for King Promise after Sarkodie introduced him to her.

GeorgeBriton.com believes that King Promise is signed to YB Records owned by Yasmine.


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