Ghanaians Are ‘Naturally Dishonest’, Even Jesus Would Be Corrupted If He Came Here – Kennedy Agyepong

Ken Agyepong

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Agyepong, has described Ghanaian society as so corrupt that even Jesus Christ would fall prey to that if he one day comes to Ghana.

According to the firebrand MP, if you’re dealing with Jesus Christ and he tells you he has been in Ghana before, immediately pull back because that Jesus has been tainted by corruption.

Kennedy Agyepong was speaking on Badwan Tuesday and was reacting to President Akufo-Add0’s May Day speech about the laziness of Ghanaian workers.

Agyepong went further to say the problem is Ghanaians are naturally dishonest.

“If you come to me for a business advice, I will say, If you are a business man and you meet Jesus Christ and through a conversation and he says he knows Ghana, don’t believe him anymore. Right there, you have to apply all the business principles because Jesus Christ who knows Ghana has been corrupted. By birth we [Ghanaians] are all dishonest, that’s what we need to check.” he said.

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“It is embedded in us that when you employ a Ghanaian as a CEO, he’s likely not ready to steal from you but his family members will psychologically influence him to use other means to make more money which will collapse the business eventually…” he added.

Agyepong also added that another problem bugging us is a lack of confidence in our abilities, as well as a tendency to let family influence business decisions.

“Ghanaians always give an excuse when they are working with fellow Ghanaians. Inferiority complex affects us. They lack confidence to understand they are superior beings…” he continued.

“We have it in our head that ‘whites’ are gods. We have to believe in ourselves. Work on time, honesty, determination, hard work can help us to move forward us a country.

“If we all sit down and think like the white man, we can do better. I don’t have family in my business. I will sack you if you commit any mistake that any CEO will sack you for…” he emphatically concluded.


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