Ghanaians Should Expect A Baby From Me This Year – Selly Galley

Cartel Big J and his wife has been together for almost three years, and the pair are yet to welcome their first child into this world.

Big J’s wife Selly Galley had said last year that she was placing family on the back burner to concentrate on her career, but she seems to have changed her mind and now wants to start a family ASAP.

Speaking to Showbiz, Galley said this year she’s targeted a baby and thus Ghanaians should expect one soon.

“I just want Ghanaians to expect a baby from me this year. I have been married for almost three years and I believe I would have a baby this year,” she told Showbiz.

Galley added that though she had initially planned to advance to a certain level in her career before having a baby, she simply cannot wait around for everything to be so rosy.

“I cannot have everything in this world before I start a family. After working hard for some months now, I believe I am ready to cater for a kid and I know I will be a good mother,” she added.

Galley also said she likes everything about her husband, except the fact that he’s just too jealous.


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