Ghana To Submit One Movie For Consideration For 2018 Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who run the annual Academy Awards, have approved a committee to select one movie to represent Ghana at the 90th Academy Awards.

The 2018 Oscars would therefore have one Ghanaian movie, selected by the committee, which would be under consideration for nomination.

The committee is a 14 member body selected from amongst members of the various guilds in the Ghana film industry, journalists, actors, film professionals, members of the media, government and academia.

Leila Djansi, who was crucial in selecting the committee, said it was time to change the narrative about Africa in the Western media, which can be done through film.

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“Since 2011, Films from Ghana and made by Ghanaians have successfully travelled the festival circuit by merit, with 2016 being our most successful year yet. It is time to tell a different story about Ghana and Africa. The Hollywood narrative has been poverty-prone, HIV and war.” she said.

“We can best tell of our brave men and women who we meet in our daily lives. Regular people, regular heroes, whether it is a woman with a deformed child, or women atoning for crimes of their families, men who leave their dreams to take care of their homes. These are everyday heroes and if we don’t tell the truth about these people, the world will continue to believe the lies. The Oscars is the ultimate pedestal, we’ll use that to show the world our Africa,” she added.

Movies from Ivory Coast, Algeria and South Africa have all won Oscars in the past.


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