There’s Nothing Wrong With Adonko Bitters Sponsoring Gospel Artists – Says A Gospel Artist

Gospel artist Erico, formerly of mentor, says there’s nothing really wrong with a brand like Adonko Bitters sponsoring a gospel artiste.

According to him, the industry is dying and if someone is willing to help, he would take that help.

“Ghanaians should stop being hypocrites. Our music industry is dying and we the artists are also suffering. Our songs are being downloaded from online instead of they buying the CD’s. Let me ask, how do we make profit from our hard work when this is going on?.. and if there’s a dedicated company out there, ready to help organise shows for us in order to help us make some gains, you say they are rather harming us.” he said.

“It’s not wrong if some people choose to drink Adonko bitters but it is only a fool who will drink and get drunk,” he added.

“People are very funny, you’re not helping, Adonko Bitters is helping and you sit back painting them black…. God will punish some people,”

Erico, who recently launched a new album, recently also claimed that former mentor star Cee has put her career on the backburner because she’s now just interested in making babies.


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