I’ll Never Work With Shatta Again Because He Disrespected My Wife – Bulldog

Bulldog and Shatta Wale


Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, aka Bulldog, has emphatically closed the gate on any chance of working with his former protege Shatta Wale ever again.

Bulldog, speaking on the incidents which led to the end of his working relationship with Shatta, said the brash ‘dancehall king’ crossed a line when he involved his wife in their feud.

He said Shatta went so far as to show nekkid pictures of his wife to the police, which was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

The whole feud started after Shatta Wale reported him (Bulldog) to the German police, claiming his laptop had been stolen. That led to the police confiscating Bulldog’s laptop, which contained some compromising pictures of his own wife.

“He made the German police almost arrest me that I have stolen his laptop. Unknowingly, I had to return the laptop to the police and it contained nude pictures of my wife…” he said.

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He said when they returned to Ghana, the incident was reported to the Ghana Police and it just got worse from there.

“When I left the laptop he came for it. He confirmed it at the Ghana Police Headquarters. He came there showing the naked of pictures of my wife on his phone to the police. There was an audio tape confirming he had the pictures…”

Bulldog, confirming something he has already said earlier, reiterated that he’ll never work with Shatta again, not even for a million bucks.

“Something talked to me; reason I did not attack him. I had listened to a lot of counsels. People talked to me and there were some revelations that I paid heed to…”

“I spoke to my wife about him. We calmed the atmosphere. We hoped he didn’t do anything stupid about it…” he said.

“I love my family and anyone bringing issues to affect my family, would be testing me…” he noted.

When asked if he missed working with Shatta, Bulldog replied in the negative.

“I don’t miss him, not at all. I am proud of him. He is one of the people a lot of people should look up to. I don’t feel I should work with him.”


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