Kafui Danku Slams Parents Who Braid The Hairs Of Their Little Kids – Says ‘Let Little Children Be Little Children’


Parents have the right to determine what’s best for their children but when it crosses into harming the child, that should be no go territory.

Is braiding or perming a child’s hair a form of harm? It’s a debatable question with no clear answer, but actress Kafui Danku is not too down with the practice.

A new mother herself, the actress/director has condemned the act of taking children down to the salon to give them a hairstyle other than what God gave them.

In a post on Facebook on Satuday, Kafui shared a photo of a girl who allegedly died after she developed a complication from the salon. Whilst not able to verify the truth or otherwise of the girl’s story, Danku took the opportunity to slam the practice altogether.

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Check out her post below.

I hope this is not true btw. I have a big problem with braiding or even perming the hair of little girls. I go to salons and see little girls enduring the pain that I cannot even take as an adult , I remember asking one girl if she wants to have her hair braided or it’s mummy who wants it done but she only smiled and didn’t answer. Seriously, let them be little girls; stop punishing them for no offence . Some of them don’t even look cute anymore with those gargantuan hair dos . Haba!
Parents/ Guardians let little children be little children

 Where do you fall on the question of children’s hair?


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