Stop That “Nonsense” Of Click-Bait Headlines About Our Relationships – Jessica Opare Saforo

Jessica Opare Saforo

Talking about Yvonne Okoro who said men don’t have balls to approach her, regular hosts of Celebrity Fanzone Tv show, Chantelle Asante, Akosua Hanson and Jessica Opare Saforo on the show yesterday in the evening have unanimously agreed that the press should stop asking why established women are single because they don’t ask the well to do men who are single the same question.

Based on this, Jessica has recounted her experience and has ordered the press to stop this nonsense, particularly because they twist it all for traffic purpose. She further lamented that often those topics are deviations from a subject which does not even concern their relationship life.

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She said ” I don’t want to point fingers at a particular newspaper but there’s a particular newspaper that just sort of blow things out of proportion every single time they interview you.”

Talking about her experience on GhOneTv, she detailed that “they’ve done that to me before, they’ve done that to Irene Logan, they’ve done that to so many people”.

Jessica speaking with all seriousness and displeasured facial expression continued that ” … and the way the whole story is written, it will just draw too much attention, unnecessary criticism and especially when you are a woman, it’s so demeaning

Upon quick checks, realised on 14-April 2014, Graphic Showbiz published a story about Jessica with the headline “My Man, My Business: Jessica Won’t Say Who“.

It’s therefore pretty clear Jessica’s rant is directed to Graphic Showbiz telling them and other media outlets to “Stop that nonsense”.


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