CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Sandra Ankobiah Smart Attempt At Rebranding–A Case of Finally Seeing Beyond the Worthless Ghanaian Celebrity Facade

Sandra Ankobiah

I have been writing on African Celebrities for over a decade now and the truth is, apart from the huge revenue which is why I am still holding to GhanaCelebrities.Com, there’s little in this area of coverage for any intelligent person–the coverage is mostly intellectually shallow and bears no thrill for smart minds.

That’s the reason why I sold off NigeriaShowBiz.Com, another platform I once owned.

Of course, I have several other platforms covering intellectually stimulating subjects like Law, Religion, Personal Development and Philosophy where I derive a great deal of satisfaction from, but interestingly they do not attract as much interest from the African online population as celebrity reporting, no matter how worthless the stories may seem.

For all these years, I’ve always wondered what’s in for our Ghanaian Celebrities, considering the fact that they mostly make peanuts to nothing from the media coverage they so much fight for.

Sandra Ankobiah

These celebrities constantly pose for photos and throw them online via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, just to make the web publishers and bloggers like myself money–while they get the attention they yearn for. I call it, worthless attention as it mostly adds nothing to the substance of their brands and does not bring them any legitimate corresponding income.

Without contempt, I can boldly say Sandra Ankobiah was an attention seeking-junky; she made sure she was making headlines by taking several photos in bikinis and of her expensive holidays which she posted online–for the blogs to feed on.

She started as just a mere friend of actress-Yvonne Nelson and soon became a socialite on the back of Fashion101, by celebrity association and by her numerous appearances at events.

Sandra Ankobiah

After living the shallow celebrity life for over 5 years, Sandra Ankobiah who holds a first degree in Law and a masters degree in Law has sort of seen the light–perhaps she has realised that the worthless celebrity facade has become a bulwark between herself and the challenging things she wants to achieve in life.

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And to walk away from the hall of fame, she has torn down the worthless celebrity online persona she aggressively and so passionately fought for, by deleting almost all her social media photos–and uploading only carefully selected ‘career’ photos which seem to mirror her new brand and direction.blank

Changing paths means her friends and the sort of people she considered associates have changed too. For the good, Yvonne Nelson and the rest who were in her bad books as enemies or competitors wouldn’t mean a thing to her.

It’s an interesting re-branding attempt by Sandra Ankobiah but this means, she wouldn’t be getting a lot of media attention as her current activities, though valuable wouldn’t be of much interest to a social media population of ‘celebrity news’ lovers. And Editors wouldn’t be bothered either as they need the numbers to keep going.

Sandra Ankobiah

The question remains; can Sandra Ankobiah forgo the worthless media attention and become like every ordinary hard-working woman in our ‘cosmic space’? If the answer is NO; then we will soon catch her bending back to where she left things.

To most of these people, attention is an addiction and they will die when it stops coming their way.

It’s a positive journey and I hope Sandra Ankobiah endures it, leaving behind the Moeshas and the others to entertain the ‘shallow’ world with their ridiculousness in exchange for the attention they yearn for.

Sandra, you know I wouldn’t let you jump the wall without talking about it–have fun with what you are doing and leave the obvious LV bags in your closet.

Note: Sandra Ankobiah spent portions of the past few days in the United States meeting numerous women leaders from across the world, culminating in a meeting with a top US administration official which took place in the White House. Ankobiah’s White House meeting was with K.T. McFarland, who is deputy National Security Advisor to the U.S President, Donald J. Trump.


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