I’m Being Shunned For Supporting NDC – Kumawood Director Reveals


Mixing politics and art usually has some real life consequences here in Ghana. It shouldn’t, but we don’t really live in the civilised world.

Most Hollywood celebrities are liberal but some prominent conservative ones, such as Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger, are not ‘shunned’ because of their political views.

Kumawood director Asare Bediako is suffering some ‘shunning’ in Kumawood for his political views, he revealed on Accra Fm.

According to him, some producers held a meeting and essentially blacklisted him due to his being NDC. One notable one he named was Kwadwo Sarfo Tyson, CEO of Peace and Love Productions, who’s wife is Matilda Asare, one of the main actors behind the Agya Koo Agenda 57 for Nana Addo.

“People are not mature in politics in Kumasi. I’ve been an NDC supporter before I became a movie director. I don’t know why people in Kumasi will link politics to my professional work as a movie director. I didn’t get into the movie industry because of NDC. I’m in the industry because of the love I have for the job, because of what I can do for the nation and my fans… But people turn to hate you because you are affiliated to a certain political party and this is bad,” he told show host Bismark Boachie (DJ Premier).

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“Some of them called me face-to-face to tell me they would not work with me because I was NDC.” he added.

“That is what I don’t understand, but I don’t have a problem. As an executive producer you don’t have the knowledge that I have. All you have is the money to finance the project, but I’m the brain behind. I’m the one who will help you reap the benefits of your investment, so if you can’t work with me anymore I don’t care. If a whole year I get only one job, I don’t mind. I will do it to the best of my ability.

“I even argued with some producers on radio. My point is that: ‘Don’t look at my political affiliation, look at the person Asare Bediako, and the work I can do for the industry.’ In politics, we all have divergent opinions but when it comes to the industry we must be one.” he concluded.


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