Oops! Female Rwandan Presidential Candidate Has Her N*de Photos LEAKED (PHOTOS)

Last week, 35 year old Diane Shima Rwigara announced her intention to challenge Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame, in the country’s next Presidential elections.

Mere days later, the female politician’s n*de photos have hit the internet, in a move clearly calculated by her political opponents to discredit her.

The photos, two in number, show Rwigara in the n*de. They are probably shots she sent to a loved one which somehow have leaked and are now being deployed as a political weapon against her.

With Rwanda being an ultra conservative society (like Ghana), it’s likely these photos could torpedo the candidacy of Diane.

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This again highlights the clear danger of sending n*de photos to others, no matter how trustworthy you believe they are. In the age of the internet, nothing sent over it is ever safe.

Being the family friendly site we are, we obviously cannot publish the photos – but you can view them at this link.


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