Presenter And DJ’s At Oxzy Fm Suspended Following Theft Of Office Sofa

The on-air personalities at Oxzy Fm were shocked when they were suspended by their boss following the theft of the office sofa.

The radio presenters and DJ’s were given an ultimatum to produce the missing couch or face suspension, and when they failed to do so, they were all sent home.

Owner of the radio station Alfred Larbi, who carried out the decision, told Showbiz he did it because the office had suffered a similar theft earlier which had not been resolved.

“I know people will say I am being mean to ask about 20 people to stay away just because of a common chair but if I don’t put a stop to it now who knows what next will vanish from the station.” he told the paper.

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“Initially, the workers thought I was kidding when I told them to find the chair or they go on suspension. I joke with them a lot but I had to stand my grounds to take this decision for the welfare of the station.”

According to Mr Larbi, though he’s running losses due to his staff not being at work, the maintenance of discipline is more important to him.

“I don’t really care what I am losing right now because discipline is my number one priority and until I get the chair back the presenters, newscasters and the attachment students will still be on suspension. For now, I have allowed a few DJs to play music and adverts but they cannot talk.”



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