The Only Way To Keep A Black Man Happy Is To Allow Him To Have Side Chicks – Married Black Woman Claims

Black women, are you listening?

The black wife of a successful businessman claims the only way to keep a good black man like hers happy is to allow him to have chicks on the side.

Akia Brown, wife of BMB Entertainment CEO Brian Maurice Brown, has revealed the secret to their long term relationship in a new book she’s authored titled ‘Beyond Love’.

In the book, Brown reveals the ‘arrangement’ she has with her husband, which allows him to date other women on the side, sometimes even more than one.

That’s the secret that has kept her man happy for over 20 years, she reveals, and she wants those who read the book to also take away the same message.

“I want the readers to read the book with an open mind,” she told the US site BOSSIP.

“At the end of the day, everybody just wants to be loved, and when people love someone unconditionally and if you’re honest enough to say, ‘This is what’s happening.’ if they are open and honest enough, you have to be at least open to accepting it.”

“The real meaning of this book is unconditional love,” Brown added.

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Her ‘arrangement’ with her husband also involves him telling her everything about his side chicks, two of who he’s had children with. She and her husband have six children together.

Akia also reveals in the book that she’s allowed to have boyfriends as part of their open relationship, but she chooses not to exercise that option.

Black girls – what do you say to this piece of wisdom?



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