Ban On Drumming And Noisemaking Impedes Christians ‘Freedom Of Religion’ – Reverend Sam Korankye

A pastor is not happy at all about the imposed ban on drumming and noise making, calling it an impediment on the freedom of religion of Christians.

Rev Sam Korankye Gary, head pastor of the Glory Temple Charismatic Ministry (GTCM), has petitioned the Ministry of Chieftancy and Cultural Affairs to halt the ban, which is put in place every year in advance of the celebration of the Homowo festival of the Ga peoples.

According to the preacher, the ban stops Christians from fulfilling their duties in the Lord’s kingdom and thus is an assault on their religious freedom.

“They should cancel it so we can serve God and serve him well. If freedom of worship is true, then no religion should suppress the other.” Gary said.

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“It steals our joy. My problem is not about the culture but the ban of drums and noise making. I’m not against any religion but I think we should find another way since churches use the drums and organs to build their kingdom…” he added.

I wonder if he realises that his religious freedom doesn’t give him the right to disturb someone else’s ears all year long, but they do it anyway.


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