The Bible Is Full Of Lies – Traditionalist Fires Back At Preacher

A follower of the traditionalist religions in Ghana and a certified anthropologist, Osofo Ahadzi, has fired back at the Christian preacher who said traditional activities such as the ban on noisemaking impedes on the freedom of religion of Christians.

An animated Ahadzi, speaking on Class Fm, said Rev Sam Korankye Gary has no locus to speak about religion because Christianity is a false religion and the bible is the greatest book of lies ever to be published.

According to him, the Bible is full of lies, contradiction and logical impossibilities.

“The Christian Religion is a false religion. The Bible itself is full of lies. So they have no case. If they don’t want instructions then they must pack and go back…” he said.

“Where and whom did Moses get the Genesis story from?” he wondered.

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“Where was he when God took out the rib to create Eve? Abraham was older than Moses by far but Moses was able to write about Abraham’s life. How did Moses do that?

“Where was Moses when God took out the rib of Adam to create Eve? Again where did Moses get the story? That is not a true story but the foundation of their Christian religion a religion that which starts on lies. Abraham was older than Moses by far but Moses was about to write how Abraham lived his life…” he queried.

Commenting further, the anthropologist said if the preacher and his followers could not follow the directive, they could leave the capital to another location. After all, Jesus said if one wants to pray, they should do so in isolation.

“When Jesus wanted to pray, he left the community. He didn’t want any noise or disturbance. So why can’t the Christian do the same as our deities need some peace. They don’t find ours worthwhile. But if they say Christ has prepared a place for them in heaven, they have to leave earth, this is our land. That’s the confusion. One Bible, how many churches don’t we have…?” he said.


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