Gushegu Midwifery Training School Authorities Stop Pregnant Students From Writing Exams

This is the sort of tomfoolery that goes on in this country, under the guise of ‘purity’ and ‘morality’, whilst hurting the people these authorities are supposed to help.

What about being pregnant means one cannot fulfil their academic duties? Remember, we aren’t even talking about a Junior High or Senior High school (where it would still be wrong), but a tertiary level institution.

Students of the Gushegu Midwifery Training School who are pregnant had the shock of their lives Wednesday when school authorities prevented them from taking part in exams solely due to the fact that they where pregnant.

According to Ultimate Fm, the students were stopped based on a directive by the school’s principal, Rukaya Alhassan. The act of stopping the students initiated a standoff but authorities refused to back down and allow those affected in to write.

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A lecturer who spoke to the station on condition of anonymity said it was standard practice in the school which they had been doing for years.

However, President of the Ghana registered Nurses and Midwifery Association, Kwaku Asante Krobea, said Thursday that there’s no such policy in place by the Association, and thus they did not know on what basis the principal was taking such an act.

“I do not know of any law  that prevents pregnant students from taking part in exams. What is happening at Gushegu is shocking,” he said, whilst speaking on Starr Fm.

The Gushegu Midwifery Training School was established by the NDC government in 2012, to aid in improving maternal and child health as well as reduce maternal mortality rates in the Northern region.

From where I’m sitting, it’s difficult to see how preventing students to write exams solely due to their fact they are pregnant would help solve these problems.


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