The Hypocrisy of Ghanaian Social Media Users–They Celebrate the Dead With Kind Words the Person Can Never Read And Chastise Those Who Celebrate the Living, Writes CHRIS-VINCENT

Christopher Opoku

Some of us have realised that life is too short and therefore if you have anything nice to say about somebody, including our partners, it must be said NOW that they are alive.

When you do this, others get pissed, claiming, you are showing off, you are “too known” or why are you always talking about your wife in such great light.

Now, these people will wait for someone to die to pour out kind words about the person on social media, as if the person will be checking that from his or her grave–words the person will never get to read or hear of.

What’s the point? Is it not hypocritical and absurd to chastise those who celebrate the living on social media while being a gang member of those who celebrate the dead?

For me, if I have anything kind to say to the world about my wife, my children, my mother, my sisters and brothers, I will do it while they are alive. The hypocrites can go burn the sea, and say all manner of things that I am “too known” or talk too much.

For, they will be doing the same over a corpse that wouldn’t even smile at the kind words.

Human beings are just pathetic!

Learn to celebrate people while they are alive; tell the world how great that person is and not when the person is dead and gone.

Christopher Opoku is dead and everyone has some kind words for him–as if he cares or as if it matters!

If you have anything good to say about me on social media, say it while I am alive–you never know the smile it will put on my face.


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