Nollywood Gives Us A Bad Name – Freemasons Complain

Former Grandmaster of the Ghanaian Lodge

The grand master of the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in Ghana has come out emphatically to deny the portrayal of the group in most Nollywood movies.

According to Nana Osae Nyangpong XI, the way they are portrayed in these movies have nothing to do with what they actually do and ends up giving them a bad name.

We’ve all seen the movies – members of lodges always engaging in nefarious activities. The best example, of course, is the movie ‘The Last Burial’.

“Nollywood has affected us a great deal and has created a public disaffection for us because of the kind if stories they do to portray what we do and don’t do as an association.” Nana worryingly said.

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“The kind of stories told by Nollywood are just shocking and don’t represent what we are.”

According to him, most lodge members are actually Christians, interested in ‘living a life of purity’.

According to the grand master, contrary to what happens in the movies, he doesn’t have any powers, and he’s surprised to learn he can fly (as the movies claim.)


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