Drug Users Complain UK’s New Plastic £5 Note Cut Their Noses Whilst Snorting Cocaine

If you can believe it, drug dealers are complaining about something other than drugs.

The UK recently introduced a new, ‘modern’ £5 pound note which soon became the darling of everyone. 

The plastic notes are cleaner, thicker and stronger than the paper ones they were replacing, so were instant hits.

The drug addicts also initially loved it, as it rolled up quite perfectly – it looked like they finally got the perfect delivery mechanism for shovelling cocaine into the nose.

Unfortunately, the notes started cutting their nostrils as they sniffed. Looks like being thicker and stronger wasn’t such an advantage after all.

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“I thought I was the only person to have had my nose cut by the new fiver. But when I told my friend how I was in agony he said I had been “Winstoned” and it was happening to everyone.” an addict told the Metro.

“Everyone thought the new fivers were God’s gift to sniffing at the start because they roll up perfectly […] Now I suppose now people are realising if something seems too good to be true then it usually is.” another added.

The act, getting your nose cut by the £5 note whilst snorting coke, has been nicknamed ‘Winstoned’ – since the legendary Prime Minister’s face adorns the notes.



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