Obnoxious Love: Meet the Ethiopian Tribe Whose Women Beg The Men to BEAT Them to Show They Love Them

Love is kind, enjoyable and peaceful–but to members of the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia, it also includes beatings.

The Jarmar tribe is back in the news and this time it’s for a tribal ceremony during which young women are whipped in order to show the sacrifices they make for men.

According to MailOnline;

“Women are whipped as part of a Rite of Passage ceremony for boys, when female family members declare their love for the young man at the heart of the celebration.

After the ceremony the boy becomes a man, and is allowed to marry.

The brutal tradition is known as Ukuli Bula, and was captured by photographer Jeremy Hunter. Instead of fleeing, women beg men to whip them again during the ceremony, held in the Omo River Valley. ”

That’s some tough love and ritual out there…

Why are the men not whipped but as usual, the women?

A lot of our African culture rites flourish on the back of treating women as lesser beings. They oppress women and subject them to inhumane treatments

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