A Seductress’ Body is Her Weapon—FLEE!

The art of seduction is a Science every man must know― and learn how to resist. In this age of internet, your surest bet is your ability to control your urge; especially sexual urge. The greatest asset a man can have is not wealth but self-control. If you can’t control yourself, trust me, blackmails will control your life!

There comes a time in our lives that we need to be careful the caliber of characters we entertain in our lives. When married, one needs to know the extent they can go with the opposite sex. When single, in like manner, one should be wary of the friends they keep.

The art of seduction takes time. A seductress always throws unassuming baits here and there waiting for her victim to fall for them. She plays on their emotions. It doesn’t matter how long it may take her but day by day she lures her victims. As if hypnotized, her victims sooner or later unknowingly fall for her!

I come across a lot of people in the course of doing what I love to do― writing. The nice comments and feedbacks are amazingly overwhelming. The criticisms are, too. At all times, one should know when to draw the line. One should know the heights to which some conversations climb. As a [young] man, you should know when it is due for you to flee excessive flattery!

The art of seduction, first of all, begins on the note of flattery. As human as we are, we all have the urge to be admired. We all want to be appreciated. We all want to be literally hailed. Seduction abuses this urge. It takes advantage of it.

The seductress appears without any weapons of attack or defense but… her words are like arrows on fire. They can pierce your heart. They can leave the innermost being of your soul in tatters! Her mouth oftentimes utters what you badly want to hear at that critical moment of your life. They are just words but, tell you what, they are more than just words when you ponder carefully over them.

Many people come our way to test our values. No two ways about that. Many walk into our lives to see us fall. They come to win you as one of their many trophies. They come to add you to their tall list of victims of blackmail. The least guard you let down… disgrace will finely dress you up!

Many great men slew giants yet could not slay their seductresses― that tells you the power of a seductress. They kowtowed to them. Samson could literally kill a lion with his bare hands yet was reduced to a token of puppet in Delilah’s bosom.

The once strongest man who ever lived, who could even coin a mind-boggling riddle from one of his spoils, was lured by a ‘mere’ seductress four consecutive times to unravel the mystery behind his unusual strength… and he could not resist!

Remember King David― the once young man who could face the gigantic Goliath pound for pound and slay him with just five stones in a catapult? This same giant slayer’s thoughts went absolutely berserk at the sight of a nude Bathsheba! Don’t boast in the power of your strength until it has passed the test of a seductress. Flee!

Don’t tell me you can fast and pray unendingly for a year. Don’t even tell me that like a contemporary Elijah you can part the Korle Lagoon with your face towel. When you see hints of a woman leading you astray, flee like Joseph! This is no time to rattle scriptures. Your dignity is at stake!

A seductress’ body is her weapon. Her fiery flattery can raze down a whole household. It can tear families apart. Her bare chest can make you forget your name. Literally! Fear her.

She’s no bakery but can reduce a fully grown man into a useless piece of bread. She’s no bin but can reduce an anointed, focused young man into nothing but waste. Don’t entertain her. Before you know, she’s converted you in your fruitless bid to convert her. The flattery of a seductress is bait. You can choke on it!

We are living in an era where people run into temptation instead of fleeing away from it. They embrace what is a threat to their family instead of paying heed to the warning signs. No matter how cunning a seductress may be, it takes two to tango. Flee before the conflagration of lust engulfs you. Flee before you become her puppet because of a sex tape!

Don’t be misled by the subtle ways of a seductress. She can corrupt your values. All she needs is your unparalleled attention. If you’re married, keep your wife close. If you’re single, keep your morals even closer. No one keeps fire in their bosom without getting burnt. If a seductress keeps you company, she’ll soon use blackmails to sell off your destiny.

Falling into her clutches begins as a harmless friendship. It starts as a polite gesture. It’s an art. You may not understand until she’s done unveiling her entire tactics. Flee! Barrels of anointing without the grace of self-control obviously ends in tons of disgrace.

When you pray for the anointing of Elisha, pray for the grace of Joseph, too. Without the latter, just a one-minute pleasure will silence your talent. The former will take you to the heights. The latter will drag you down to depths of disgrace and shame. To he whom a heart is given to love, a head is added to think. God grant us grace to flee and never to look back.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all our great women and mothers out there.

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, a writing company based in Accra. His upcoming play is TRIBELESS. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.


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