SomaYen Has A Terrible Customer Service As Food Orders Take Over 3 Hours to Be Delivered


A Ghanaian social media user has lashed out at SomaYen, a social media food delivery company for its terrible customer service–saying, she’s never going to use them again and people who want to eat warm foods should avoid using them.

According to a resident of Accra, Naa Borley, she has had several horrible experiences with SomaYen’s delivery service which has informed her decision not to ever use their service again.

Waiting for over 3 hours for your ordered food to be delivered will surely fetch you a cold food. 

She wrote to GhanaCelebrities.Com;

“I want to bring to your notice a very poor and bad services I have been enduring from a social media food delivery service by name (somaYen). For the very first day I ordered food from them, it took forever to get the food so I called to cancel the order. After few minutes later, a guy calls to apologise on the company’s behalf saying he is their operations, manager. Considering the apology, I tot of trying them once more and same poor service. Food will always be delivered after 3hrs instead of an hr.

Fast forward, today, a colleague asked that I order her food from this same food delivery service and voila. We called at 11:20 am. Its now 2:22noon and no show. we have been trying to call the operations manager and he’s not picking his fon nor returning our calls.

We made the order through him. Chris, being a Ghanaian, I sometimes want to patronise these so called young and innovative entrepreneurs but looks like they are not up to the task of been trusted.”

On social media, a Facebook user by name-Bricks Ladyship who claims to be one of the founders of SomaYen was unapologetic about the customer’s experience–sort of saying, to hell with her complaint, when her attention was brought to the complaint through GhanaCelebrities.Com.

In fact, she blatantly said that the displeased customer was lying. Typical of Ghanaian business owners; instead of addressing customer complaints, they insult or ignore these customers.

And when their businesses fail, they run to the church–praying for divine intervention.



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