How Dr J. J. Lamptey of Valley View Clinic KILLED My Sister By Giving Her An Over Dose of A Drug Which Has Been Banned Since the 90s–Dr Naa Teley Tells Her Sad Story

Rita Bortiorkor Bornmai

Without any proper administrative checks and control in Ghana when it comes to the activities of a lot of doctors and health professionals, many innocent people end up being killed by the same people positioned to save them.

We’ve heard it so many times how callous doctors administer drugs which they shouldn’t or because of lack of attention leave patients to die. But this time, a Dr who met Dr J. J. Lamptey of Valley View Clinic at Dzorwulu in Accra when her sister fell sick has a story to tell about how the latter killed her sister.

According to Dr Naa Teley who spoke to GhanaCelebrities.Com following an initial Facebook post, Dr. J. J. Lamptey KILLED her sister-Rita Bortiorkor Bornmai (above) by administering an overdose of a drug which has since the 90s been banned.

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Below is her story–told by her on Facebook

“Yes, I am a doctor and yes until Dr. J. J. Lamptey, of valley view clinic, Dzorwulu resurrects my sister to life and cease my pain, I will talk of him anyhow I deem fit on social media, in my home, in my sleep and everywhere I chose at any point.

I hate it when colleagues try to play “he is your colleague nonsense on me.”. Did he treat me as a colleague? Did he treat my sister as a human? Would he administer 2g of chloramphenicol ( 6times the usual dose for a drug that has been banned since the ’90s) together with Cipro, cefuroxime, and other fifth antibiotic to even a pig, let alone a girl who was walking, talking like you and I with a widal titre of 1/40 and 1/80 (O and H) claiming she has typhoid psychosis?

Will he refuse to call the immediate relative of the girl when she was dieing and ask that a taxi driver take her to 37 military and dump her? Will he charge freaking ghc1700 for a 3 day stay in a six-bedder room in a his clinic and demand immediate payment before she even lies down? Will he keep the dead body of the girl in the sun and insult the poor mother and sister of the deceased and bulley them to accept typhoid psychosis as a cause of death?

Will he look on unconcerned as the “colleague ” cradle her dead sister in a taxi in hot Accra sun from one police station to another for close to 5hrs,her body almost decomposing and being denied admission into a morgue because he refused to sign a coroners request? Do not anger me this evening. Delete your message from my inbox before I descend on you with three years of grief and pains.

Until you feel what I felt in the hands of that doctor, I have no level ground to discuss anything with you. Until you stand and watch your only sibling being dissected in a pathlab, you have no moral grounds to call me to order.

Until you have suffered negligence firsthand as I did, I have nothing to say to you.

And may God help me not to be as callous fraudulent and wicked as this man all the days of my remaining life.”


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