Nyinahin Youth Hold Funeral Rites For Three Fishes To Prevent Disaster Striking The Town

The youth of Nyinahin, a town in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region, showed they are following proudly in the superstitious footsteps of their forebears when they held burial rites for three dead fishes, ostensibly to prevent disaster striking the town.

The fishes were recovered from the Nyinahin Amaano river, which borders the town. According to tradition, fishes from the river represent the lives of the townsfolk, thus it is a taboo to eat any fish from it. 

The youth recently undertook a cleanup of the river, during which the dead fishes were discovered. Since the fishes represent the townspeople, there is a fear that three people would die soon if the proper rituals are not carried out for the fish.

“History about the river has it that when ever a fish from the river dies, a life will be lost. This means that, the town is sitting on a time bomb to burry a resident very soon, if the necessary rituals are not performed since three fishes have just been buried.” the leader of the youth faction, Kofi Owusu, told Kasapa News.

He said they have taken it upon themselves to carry out the rituals because those in charge aren’t doing so.


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