HYPOCRISY At It’s Finest – Shatta ‘I Don’t Care About Awards’ Wale Bragged About Winning A ‘Mere’ Ghana Naija Showbiz Awards Just Last Sunday

Shatta Wale has to be the most grumpy loser of all time. His entire career was launched after he tore into Charterhouse over losing an award and years down the line, here we are again.

After Stonebwoy (again) picked up Ghana’s only nomination for the 2017 BET awards night, most local artists were gracious and congratulated him on his win, Shatta instead took to social media to throw a typical childish tantrum.

“I dont want any fan of mine to feel bad about any BET…My skin is too strong now for such Nkwasias3m from this educated fools in our industry..” Shatta tweeted, adding:

“My B.E.C.E certificate sef ano know where edeh..Then we deh come worry about BET…#Money deh call me for my brain….”

The obvious implication here, being that awards such as the BET does not matter and he’s only concerned about making money. ‘Money deh call me for my brain’ – he ended his tweetstorm.

As we noted in our story, if Shatta is not bothered about not being nominated for BET and other awards, why does he keep tweeting about how not worried he is?

It’s like people going online to brag about how they are over their ex every single day. If you talk about the person this much, you’re probably not over them!

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Anyway, another obvious hypocrisy in Shatta pointed out by many fans is the fact that everytime he is nominated for or wins an award, he crows about it to high heaven, yet whenever he misses out, he claims he doesn’t care for awards.

Case in point – Shatta had bragged about winning a ‘mere’ Ghana Naija Showbiz award over the weekend, posting on social media Sunday:

“Best Male act 2017 @ Ghana Naija showbiz awards held in Nigeria..Thank you for all who voted for me.This is for my loyal fans..God deh we deh #champioooooo

So he’s a champion for winning at the Ghana Naija showbiz awards but he can’t be bothered about BET?

And if you go back through his timeline, you would find him bragging about many other awards he has won over the years.

This is hypocrisy at its finest, as one fan wrote:

“Anytime u win an award u upload it here and your fans will share them till it gets to dier Grannys timeline…..buh when u dnt get what u want, dey start saying its bola….kids choice awards sef u went for it how much more bet….continue with the JAMA songs…We go listen saaa.
S3 y3 ni choice”

Stop the hypocrisy, Charles Nii Armah Mensah, and join your industry colleagues in congratulating a brother. Or at the very least, keep it shut!


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