Nigerian Ambassadorial Nominee Says Ghanaians And Other Nationals Give Nigeria A Bad Name By Acquiring Nigerian Passports to Commit CRIMES

Old Nigerian Passport

Yusuf Hinna, a Nigerian ambassadorial nominee has said that Ghanaians and citizens of other African countries obtain Nigeria passports and use it for criminal activities–thereby giving Nigerians a bad name across the globe.

Yusuf Hinna made this statement while responding to questions at his screening by the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs in Abuja on Tuesday.

That’s really interesting–considering the fact that several Nigerians have rather been caught pretending to be Ghanaians after having acquired Ghanaian passports.

Via AllAfrica;

He told lawmakers that some of the criminal activities perpetrated in several countries of the world were by nationals of other African countries who hold Nigerian passports, and not by Nigerian citizens as often reported.

He said if confirmed as ambassador, he would embark on continual screening to determine citizenship and eligibility for obtaining the Nigeria passport.

On Xenophobia, Hinna said if confirmed and posted to South Africa, for instance, he would engage the country’s government in order to stop harassment of Nigerians living in the country.

“There are dislikes against Nigerians in South Africa. When Nigerians arrive, police dogs are used to sniff them at the airport.

“If I am sent to such a country, I will engage the government so as to stop unwanted harassment.

“However, I recall that some Africans such as Ghanaians were arrested and they were carrying Nigeria passports.

“There is abuse of our green passports. There are security challenges, and we have to tackle them,” he said.

On threat to world peace, the nominee said “nuclear weapons are dangerous to world affairs”.

He also spoke on the rise of different militant groups, particularly in Nigeria, who posed danger to security of lives and property.


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