Internal Divisions Killing Ghana Music Internationally – Mr Eazi Rebukes Shatta Wale Over Childish Reaction To BET Snub

Adopted Ghanaian Mr Eazi has sounded a note of warning to Shatta Wale and other artists like him uninterested in unity among Ghanaian acts that it’s seriously costing us on the world stage.

Eazi was nominated as a Nigerian for the award, alongside three other acts from his country of birth, three from South Africa, and a lousy one, Stonebwoy, from Ghana.

After Stonebwoy’s nomination, all Shatta Wale has been doing is behaving like a child online, despite many acts noting that unity instead of division could be what would finally elevate Ghanaian music internationally, and Mr Eazi agrees.

According to him, due to the constant divisions, we aren’t able to sell Ghanaian music well outside and that disadvantages all of us.

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“…This is where its from. Kumasi, Accra, Tema. Because there is division internally, Ghanaian artists are not able to sell this properly because you have to come as united front,” he said on Y Fm.

“I tweeted this one day ‘If you don’t support your own. If you don’t rate your culture, someone else will take it, package it and sell it to you at a premium price. I think that’s whats happening to Ghana. I keep saying this and even got lambasted online.

“There is so many great artists out of Ghana but I sit in meetings with Apple, Spotify and because they know I have Ghana as well, they ask me what’s happening in the Ghanaian music scene because they don’t know what is happening. That means something is wrong. May be they might know one or two artist from Ghana and those artists might not be big-ing up their brothers.” he added.


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