WTF Is Wrong With John Dumelo? – Actor Takes Photo Of ‘Knust Graduate’ Hawking Bread And Posts It On Instagram With The Caption ‘What Went Wrong?’

John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo must be on some expired kool-aid considering the stunt he just pulled.

The staunch NDC supporter (he of the party who blessed us with a harsh economy and crushing youth employment), took a photo whilst driving of a gentleman hawking bread in the streets.

It’s not known if the photo was taken with the hawker’s consent but Dumelo posting it online, with a seeming disrespectful caption, just takes the cake for how out of touch he is.

In one post, he managed to demean a person just trying to earn an honest living in a country where youth unemployment has been on the rise the past few years (when Dumelo’s beloved NDC was in power).

“Just saw a KNUST grad hawking in traffic” he wrote. “What went wrong?”

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What went wrong, we assume, is that the graduate is trying to make ends meet in a country where it’s not so easy to get a job after completing school.

What went wrong, we assume, is that instead of staying home and mooching off his parents, this gentleman decided to make something for himself via all means necessary.

What went wrong, we assume, is that John Dumelo is a clueless asshat cruising in his V8 or whatever the hell vehicle he’s using now and looking down in ‘pity’ at the common man trying to survive.

See offensive post below…


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