Sonnie Badu – False Prophets Implant Fear And Confusion Into Christians

Newly minted Dr Sonnie Badu has some words of truth for Christians, telling them how to watch out for false prophets in these dangerous end of days.

According to the celebrated gospel star, false prophets sow fear and confusion into their followers when that should not be the case.

He said their ability to sow this fear and present themselves as the solution is making them enjoy good business.

Badu, writing on social media, thus gave out a blueprint to detect a false prophet.

Post below…

“False prophets are in good business in the church simply because the new generational Christian would rather spend so much time on social media than reading and studying the word of God. This is how you can discern a false prophet …1: when they place so much fear and confusion in you… Always remember, that God reveals to redeem; so He will always tell you what to do about the situation and never leave you in fear.. In this end times, God will expose all these false prophets abusing this precious office”



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