Meet Pastor Paul Sanyangore -Zimbabwean Pastor Who Talks To ‘God’ On The Phone During Church Service


Pastors can get their congregations to believe some really twisted sh*t but this guy probably takes the cake for insulting his congregants intelligence with his charade.

And of course, they go all in and buy his story.

A Zimbabwean pastor known as Paul Sanyangore is making headlines after video of him talking to ‘God’ on his phone during church service was posted online.

Sanyagore, in the video, can be seen talking on his phone, supposedly on a call, and then asking “Hello, is this heaven?”

The pastor then receives prophecies from God regarding the members of his congregation.

I have a woman here, what do you have to say about her? Oh … I should ask her who is Sibo,”  he hears from ‘God’.

“What else Papa God? What else? God is telling me to ask you why is it He’s showing me a heart? He says we should pray for your children, two of them. He is saying the other one is epileptic, the other one is asthmatic. He is saying I should ask you who is in Bulawayo.” he continued.

The preacher, in interviews, has justified his ‘act’, saying he really has a direct line to God.

“I have a direct channel, actually I have His number and I can call Him when need arises. It is possible to talk to God; why would you doubt that I got a call from Him? I actually have a direct line which I can call Him on and get instructions on how to proceed. I got this when I was praying and I heard a voice telling me to call direct,” he said.

According to the good pastor, he would make God’s number public when the time is right.


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