Kontihene Reveals Why He Abruptly Quit His Church Of Ten Years And It Makes So Much Sense

Veteran hiplife star Kontihene has revealed that he has just quit his church of the last ten years, and we think his reason makes so much sense.

According to the artiste, the church, whose name he refused to disclose, mistreated a guest of his due to her dressing, which in his opinion was out of line.

An obviously unhappy Kontihene, speaking on Joy Fm, said he felt the church was trying to ‘play God’ by judging his guest solely on her dressing and humiliating her in public.

Therefore, he was not going to step foot back there ever again.

“The church was trying to play God. I invited someone to church and they wanted the person to get out of the church because the person wasn’t well dressed,” he said.

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“The person has strong legs and the person was wearing something that the legs were showing. They were saying the person cannot sit there, the person has to go back. I was like the person came here to communicate with God in her heart, I mean we are not here for fashion or anything.”

He said despite their protests, church leaders “kept pushing it and I told the person, ‘let’s get out of this place because God is not here, its people who are just judging by what they see.”

Kontihene said he’s been a member of the church for ten years but he was quitting due to the incident, and we can’t say we disagree.

One of the problems with Christianity is people have turned themselves into arbiters of morality and forgotten what it’s supposed to all be about.


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