Nothing Spiritual About Me Suffering Three Miscarriages – Kafui Danku

Actress Kafui Danku has rubbished claims by certain portions of the public that the struggle she went through before finally being able to deliver successfully had a spiritual source.

As we well know anything suspicious in this our part of the world is attributed to spiritual issues but Danku, despite suffering three miscarriages and one stillbirth, said she doesn’t believe that was due to spiritual issues.

She said it was just a ‘phase’ she went through to toughen her up for life.

“I just know that it was a phase that was preparing me to be tough for life, because all my life I have had everything I ever wanted, I always say among my siblings am the special one, that is why I always say that am unique, so it was just a challenge and sometimes we just have to bend a little bit” she said.

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Danku, after all those years of challenges, finally managed to deliver her beautiful baby girl towards the end of last year.

Many has also suggested that after such suffering she should not put her daughter in the limelight so much since her ‘spiritual enemies’ might harm her, but she disagreed with that assessment as well.

She said she felt her story is an inspiration so she could not hide her in obscurity.

“I am doing this because my story inspired a lot of people, my pregnancy story inspired a lot of people now that the baby is born, should I be hiding the baby? I mean she is to the glory of God.

“My baby changed a story, she changed so many peoples perception on life, she is a miracle baby and need to be shown out there for people to know” she added.


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