‘Substandard’ NPP Ministers Using Ghana Gas Helicopters Like ‘Trotro’ – Former Power Minister Kwabena Donkor

Kwabena Donkor

Former Minister of Power Dr Kwabena Donkor has lashed out at the ‘substandard’ NPP ministers employed by Nana Akufo-Addo who are using the nation’s assets as their personal properties.

Dr Donkor was commenting on the recent issue of the supposed disappearance of three helicopters from the premises of the Ghana Gas company.

According to the man who presided over ‘dumsor’ and was forced to resign after failing to meet his own ultimatum, appointees of the current government use these helicopters – acquired by the former government for Ghana Gas – as their own personal ‘trotros’.

“Since the NPP took over several of their substandard 110 ministers have been using these helicopters like trotros all over the country,” Donkor said.

According to him, the entire brouhaha over the ‘missing’ helicopters points towards the substandard and incompetent nature of this government.

Earlier this week, a controversy broke as reports emerged that three helicopters belonging to the state institution, valued at $150m, were missing. However, Ghana Gas later came out to declare that none of their choppers were missing as was being claimed.


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