Celebrity Marriages Would Keep Crashing Until They Learn To Keep Their Lives Private – Nigerian Comedian Bash Says

Nigerian comedian Bash has diagnosed the problems with celebrity marriages and why they keep failing.

In a recent interview, the Naija funnyman minced no words in pointing towards too much exposure of a marriage to the public as the root cause of such constant break-ups of celebrity unions.

The examples of celebrity marriages that did not end well are numerous, in Ghana, Nigeria and all across the globe and Bash believes he knows why.

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“Celebrity marriages will always fail if they don’t learn to keep it private. If you are a public person you need a private life; you don’t mix your private life with being a public figure. I don’t like talking about my private life, I’ve been married for 10-years now and I have two kids. I don’t think many people know about it. My first child is almost 10-years. You won’t even spot my wife at any social gathering. So, the issue is as a public figure, you need to maintain a very private life.” he said.

“People get carried away with the social media; it can make or mar you. My advice to celebrities is to please keep their private life private. I’m not saying a celebrity should not marry another celebrity, I’m just saying they should keep it private,” he advised.


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