Counsellor George Lutterodt Has Finally Spoken On The Adjorlolo-Lebene Break-Up – Here’s His Reaction


Counselor Lutterodt

We told you Lutterodt wouldn’t keep quiet for long on this issue, and he hasn’t.

For a narcissist like this so-called ‘Counsellor’, the one time in 10,000 that he says something that turns out to be right, he’s going to be trumpeting it off all the rooftops to show how ‘smart’ he is.

Even though despite this break-up, we all know he speaks rubbish 90% of the time.

The Counsellor has given his reaction to news of Kofi Adjorlolo and Lebene Mekpah’s break-up.

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Speaking to Accra News, he said when he heard the news of the break-up, he got to his knees to give thanks to God.

“…It is God we say thanks to. …When I received the news I knelt down and thanked God for glorifying Himself.” he said.

“If God’s glory has manifested itself in this matter, I say a big thanks to Him so that those who are headstrong will take a leaf from it.”

Commenting further, Lutterodt said the reason Lebene gave for the break-up, that her father’s objections lead to it, was a lie.

“… I am very happy that there was no marriage. …Last time I met her I told her I would do all that was possible to ensure the union would not be formalised today or tomorrow,” he added.



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