REVEALED: Here Are The Three Reasons Why Counsellor Lutterodt Was So Intent On The Destruction Of The Adjorlolo-Mekpah Romance

Counsellor George Lutterodt has already rejoiced over the fact that the Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Lebene Mekpah are no more together, telling Accra Fm that he knelt down to thank God when he heard the news.

Many have wondered why the counsellor has been so intent on seeing the relationship fail, and Lutterodt have finally revealed his motivations.

According to him, he has three particular reasons for seeking their break-up.

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Here’s his reasoning:

“First, Lebene is a child, she is young, and a child breaks the shell of a snail, not a tortoise’s. Such an elderly man like Kofi Adjorlolo, he’s lived a decent life and accomplished a lot. And with his advanced years, even if he has lost his wife, he must marry one who is just as old so that woman can have the patience and empathy to take care of him and his children, if there are any. But for a 26-year-old Lebene who is now growing up and will soon start life and, God willing, get a good man to marry, she says such an elderly man is what she wants? If she is not a spoilt girl, why will she hurl herself at the man for him to propose to her?

“Secondly, any marriage that your parents are asking you not to go into, know that it cannot be a blessed one. But Lebene would not budge in spite of all that has been said. Everyone was afraid to tell her but for me as a change agent, I am doing the work of the one who sent me. If you do not take foolishness away from the heart of a child, she grows up into stupid adult. So when I saw that she was a child and I was older than her, I decided to ride on the word of God and my vocation and rid Lebene’s heart of foolishness.

“I also did not want it [the relationship] to be an example for up and coming youth so that young men who have attained marriageable age do not lose such beautiful women like Lebene to someone who is so old…

“So the one I sought to protect was Lebene so she would not bring disgrace on Kofi Adjorlolo. So I’m happy…”


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