CHRIS-VINCENT Writes A Letter to President Akufo Addo–Says the Dollar Has Still Not Been Arrested As Promised

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Dear President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,

I am just reminding you gently if you have not checked the cedi to the dollar rate recently–that what you, your party and Bawumia promised Ghanaians is not happening.

I mean, what’s happening?

Mr President, as you are already aware, I am your number one fan. I campaigned for you and asked so many people to vote John Dramani Mahama out of office since the cedi kept falling against the dollar and the Mahama-led government couldn’t do “forko” about it.

If you are going to serve us with the same food, then what was the point of the plenty economics “brofo”, all convincing us that you will arrest the cedi?

Please tell Bawumia, PhD, Ghana’s Adams Smith that Ghanaians remember. He held several public lectures, telling us how the then incumbent NDC government had no idea as to how to manage the economy in order to stabilise the cedi.

It’s almost 6 months since you took office, that’s enough time to show us what you are capable of.

Dumsor seems to be hanging in there–for that, I don’t really care.

But for the cedi, I will keep checking each weekend and tag you into it, for you to know that I am waiting for your government to arrest the dollar, as you promised.

Also, the noise around the 1 district 1 factory and all the key campaign promises that took over social media seems to have died.

The way you were able to make your promises vibrant on social media, let the implementation be the same–else, you will produce a blue book as the other people did to list your achievements when the next election is here, by which time it would have been too late.

Ghanaians will not download any blue book to read–you know your people “dadaada.” Just show us, as you do them, one by one–let them reach us all, the same way the promises got to us.

Yours faithfully,

The guy everybody hates, Chris-Vincent!

This was first published on Chris-Vincent’s Facebook page–with President Akufo Addo and John Dramani tagged into it. 

Comfort Asante, GC Staff Writer
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