Actress Lydia Forson Writes: How Can Any Sane Human Being Read This Disgusting Sexual Joke About An 8 Year Old Child And Find It Funny As Well As Go Ahead to Defend It?

Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress-Lydia Forson has in a Facebook post condemned the disgusting sexual comment by a struggling Ghanaian comedian-OB Amponsah that an 8-year-old child DJ Switch should be given a boyfriend, impliedly to be fucked with a d*ck–else she will become a lesbian as she is a tomboy.

The actress wondered how any sane human being will read what is being passed on as a joke and defend it–calling it disgusting.

She wrote:

How any sane human being can read this and think it’s funny and even go as far as defending it is beyond me.

Where’s the joke in this? Please those defending him, let me know.

That an 8-year-old girl needs a boyfriend?

Did he get that he just sexualised her to the rest of the world and more so to paedophiles?

How do you explain yourself when some rapist attempts to harm this innocent girl, of you’d rather she’s raped than turn into a lesbian right? Because that’s exactly what his post alluded to.

You think it’s extreme?

People are bombing kids all over and you think someone fantasising over an 8-year-old isn’t possible?

But what I’ll really like to know is why of ALL things, this little girl’s potential sexual preference is what his mind wondered to.

What’s sad is all the women defending him; the same women who will some day expect us to speak out for them when they’re raped or abused.

And for the record if he’d said this about an 8 year old BOY I’d still be equally disgusted.”

Already, GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Founding Editor-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has in series of articles called the joke pathetic, extensively repulsive and SICK.

He wrote in an article this morning:

“If you are following this pathetic and perhaps psychopathic dude, called OB Amponsah on social media–you should quickly unfriend him or unfollow him–for he says the most repulsive things about children, as young as 8 years.

Children ought to be encouraged and be protected–and as such no adult should subject any child to sexual statements, even if it was meant to be a tasteless joke.

Saying a child is sexy is ignorantly offensive for the fact that it bothers on sexual objectification.

But for OB Amponsah, calling a child as young as 8 years a lesbian or suggesting that such a child is on the path to becoming a lesbian when reasonably the child may not even have an idea as to what lesbianism is–is wholly acceptable. 

So he took to Facebook last night after the impressive much talked about performance DJ Switch at the 2017 Ghana Meets Naija to say, the child will soon become a lesbian and that she should be found a boyfriend to avert this.

OB Amponsah

He smugly wrote: “I know most of you would disagree with me… But we better find a boyfriend for DJ Switch before she becomes a Lesbian oo. Yooooo. Bae is showing all signs of a Tom Boy.”

First of all, T-Bag, the sexual predator with special interest in children of Prison Break fame wouldn’t even consider this as a joke, yet a supposed fully functional human being processed this and threw it out there as a joke to the delight of over 200 Ghanaians who approved of it via either commenting or liking it.

Who says this about a child? Whether a Tom boy or not, she is a f**king child who may not even know what lesbianism is–and even if she chooses that, what’s your problem? Is a boyfriend a solution? That’s even if you consider a different sexual orientation to yours as evil?

It’s not even the people who pass such comments about children that are stupid; the sycophants who do not see anything wrong plus those who watch and do nothing are the real problem.

DJ Switch ready for 2017 Ghana Meets Naija . Read more about it on now ??

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Bringing children up in such a SICK Ghanaian society is unhealthy and every Ghanaian, especially mothers and women should condemn this message, which has somewhat been accepted by a bunch of people.

For this, I am blocking the OB guy and anyone who supported his message from my Facebook list–such people are societal maniacs. And I think you should do so too.

As someone rightfully mentioned, you guys did the same to Abraham Attah–now a child doing so well for herself is being subjected to this sexual inappropriate comment, once again in the name of a JOKE.

For people like OB Amponsah, every publicity whether good or bad is publicity and therefore I ask that any reasonable person reading this should not only condemn his statement but should also rob him of his relevance, by scaling down his social media followers–to serve as a reminder to him and others that children ought to be protected.

No child should be a subject of such a remark, even if meant to be a joke.

Apparently, he’s an Optometrist alongside a struggling comedian and by his logic, any “tomboy” who is brought to a hospital he works will be labelled a lesbian or a potential lesbian with his recommendation being, we should find the person a boyfriend even if as young as 8 years…

Note that according to the last Pew Polls, Ghana is a country with 98% of its population being against homosexuals–and setting up an 8-year-old child doing great for herself against this population is pure evil.

Do you just want to kill her dream?

How do you look at an 8-year-old child and have sexual orientation related thoughts about her? This guy may be a paedophile.”

DJ Switch

A few hours ago, he wrote another piece, saying;

In May this year, Pakistani comedian Yasir Hussain made a joke, saying (what a beautiful child molester, I wish I was a child).

And immediately, the Pakistan’s performing art community called him out on his poor taste of humour–with social media users on his neck, he quickly apologised.

In January 2017, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich was suspended indefinitely from her role at the NBC show after she used President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, 10-year-old as the punchline of her joke – and she was met with severe criticism.

She apologised but was still suspended.

In the same 2017 in the West African country called Ghana, a struggling comedian says an 8-year-old child should be given a boyfriend, impliedly to be fucked with a d*ck–else she will become a lesbian as she is a tomboy.

And you have a bunch of sociopaths, defending him, calling it a JOKE.

This civilisation is a century behind.

No sane person would put a child in the same sentence with sex, lesbian and boyfriend–and find it acceptable.

DJ Switch, I feel sorry for you that you are growing up in such a deranged society, obviously with no protection for children.


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