Akumaa Mama Zimbi Reveals All The Funniest Moments She’s Had With Her Headgear Throughout Her Career (MUST READ)


You always see her with the massive headgear and she loves it to death, but Akumaa Mama Zimbi also has some very goofy moments courtesy of the mountain of cloth she places on her head.

Akumaa, who calls the headgear ‘Mama Zimbi’, revealed in a chat with Showbiz that an Immigration officer once asked her to take it off whilst travelling for it to be inspected, which was one of the funny moments she’s had with it.

“It once fell off at an event and I had to quickly go to a quiet place to fix it and go back to my seat. There was also this time that I travelled and an immigration officer asked me to take it off.” she told Showbiz.

“I did just that for her to conduct her inspection and right after that I fixed it. You see, you can ask me to undo it a million times and I can fix it again a million times,”

She also said people often complain at functions that the gear is blocking their view if she sits in front of them.

According to the controversial show host, her headgear actually gives her headaches sometimes, but she tolerates it because it is her brand.

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“It does feel very heavy, sometimes my head aches because blood doesn’t flow freely.” she said. “So sometimes, as soon as I sit in the car after an event, I take it off but trust me, I love it because it always makes me stand out, “

“It is my brand. I created it because I wanted to be unique.”

Mama Zimbi also assured those who think her headgear is just a hat she wears that it’s actually pieces of cloth which she shapes into the style she wants everyday.

“People think it is some kind of a hat that I just pick and wear everyday but no, I actually take my time to fix it each and everyday. I use eight yards for everyday use and 18 yards to 24 yards for the more sophisticated ones for special occasions,” she said.


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